Big skies Forests and beaches


To reach all the waypoints of the road event would take 18hrs 30mins and 830km whilst the Adventure option adds some 40km and another hour, if you believe the satnav!!

The Norfolks event has a bit of everything. From the flat fens in the west to the furthest point east in the UK on the coast. Coastal roads and rural roads. A and B roads to delight everybody. Wherever you are in this part of the world there will be plenty of 'big skies to ride under.

In the North its the Norfolk coast, birth place of Nelson and blessed with some fantastic little coastal villages all connected by a Ride Magazine recommended route, the twisty A149. Plenty of chances to stop for Fish and Chips or a famous Cromer crab.

In the south are the Brecks around Brandon and Thetford. The Adventure option gives you the chance to ride traditional trails and sand too.

Steeped in history, as is all of the UK, there are Waypoints at many of the now disused WW2 airfeilds. You will soon see why this part of the UK was known as the 'unsinkable aircraft carrier'. Some of these bases are still in use and you may get to see some modern jets if you time your visit to some waypoints well. No promises though.

Norwich makes great places to base yourself but wherever you are there is always a freindly pub or resturant just around the corner and there are campsites, B&Bs aplenty.


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