Shropshire AONB

Shropshire AONB

The standard event has 53 waypoints to choose from and to reach all of them would take approx 9hrs 27min covering 502km

The Adventure event has 66 waypoints to choose from and to reach them all would take approx 12hrs and cover 631km

The Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) covers almost a quarter of Shropshire. It's a living landscape, loved by locals and visitors alike for its quality of environment, rich history, and for walking, relaxation and inspiration.

This event takes in both road and off-road waypoints so is a great way to explore the panoramic views across England and Wales on your adventure bike.

Bike and Rider magazines have both published some of their best rides are on roads covered by this event and waypoints have been placed that if you pick well you will find yourself on a few of them. Even if you don't there are still many great , but as yet undiscovered roads for you to enjoy.

The scenery is always stunning, even on a wet day and as Shropshire is one the UKs least populated counties you may find you have many of the roads to yourself.

There is ample opportunity for a bit of adventure too. The Long Mynd is on of the features in the centre of this event and there are trails in abundance.

Shropshire AONB

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