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The Isle of Wight is a county and the largest and second-most populous island of England. It is in the English Channel, between two and five miles off the coast of Hampshire, from which it is separated by the Solent. The island has resorts that have been holiday destinations since Victorian times, and is known for its mild climate, coastal scenery, and verdant landscape of fields, downland and chines. The island is part of the historic county of Hampshire.[5] It is designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

This event starts a one of the main Ferry Terminals and takes in some of the best riding roads in the UK with epic views across the English channel.

Entry Terms

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    1. Please consider if it is safe to stop.
    2. If you do not consider it safe to stop, please move on and if necessary, contact RallyMotorvelo with your concerns
    3. Consider that you may be able to stop safely and park nearby and walk back to the waypoint to check in.
  • Do not use mobile devices when in motion.
  • Do not ride beyond your skill level, especially when visiting Adventure Waypoints.
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