The Excuse to Ride

Riders are often looking for new roads to ride, new locations to discover and new excuses to get the bike out.

Rallymotorvelo has been set up to give you 'the excuse to ride'.

RallyMotorVelo is continuously releasing events for you to participate in. at locations all around the country. Each event location is carefully chosen with great roads and fabulous surroundings for you to experience.

These events are designed with an element of friendly competition but with a unique twist!

Nobody needs to compete on the same day. You choose which events and when to do them.

All you need is the RallyMotorVelo App to compete. Then take part in your chosen event and when you finish your score on that event and your position in the league table of other competitors is immediately published.

So Sign up to RallyMotorVelo, install the App and get the excuse to ride