Frequently Asked Questions

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A separate satnav can have its advantages and can use the supplied .gpx files to import the waypoints. Individual functions on different Navigation systems can help you to ride your chosen route to the optimum. You must choose the best waypoints to visit though!

Once you have created an account go to the web page and open the Rally Navigations page. Find an Rally Navigation that you like the look of and enter that Rally Navigation. Once you have entered the Rally Navigation pack will be sent to you

After you complete your third Event your average score will show on the league table, before that your score is just provisional. Only teams and entrants with active scores are in the running for a series placing.

Whilst the Adventure Waypoints are most likely on unpaved roads they are still byways and subject to the rules of the road. You may also meet walkers, cyclists, horse riders etc. So please show them some respect.

Your credits are stored in your account and can be used how you like. For individual events or as part of the entry for a team event

When you have entered an event your login will show you the waypoints set on that event and the .gpx file will be downloadable. Until then only the general area and event description will be available.

The waypoints are carefully placed so that there is good riding to be had between the closest. After all we want to ride our bikes not be stopping around each corner. However to reach all the waypoints at an single event will take many more hours than an event allows.

Absolutely any time you like. You choose the time to suit you. All you have to do is be able to complete the Event within the time made available. So it’s not advisable to start an 8hr Event at 6pm!

When you navigate to your chosen Waypoint check the descriptive. It will tell you exactly what you should see when you physically stand at the Waypoint location. Then check-in on the App. If you are within a pre-set built in circle of error the App will allow the check-in and indicate how far you are from the waypoint centre. Be outside of the acceptable area error and your check-in will fail. If you are certain, you are in the right spot but cannot check-in, please take a photo from you exact location and send it to use with a date and time so we can check.

You should not pay any particular attention to the numbers off the waypoints. These may be used in other events or generated by the system. T

Unfortunately this can happen. It can even happen on the highway too. The events are planned carefully but circumstances change. There could be a TRO in place or the weather could make a choosen route impasable. You just need to be resourceful and make a new plan. Maybe look for alternative Waypoints nearby.

Simply, points scored divided by distance traveled. More points in less distance equals a higher score. If you are taking part in the Event series your Events cores are averaged across each Event you have taken part in, and your position is shown in the league table.

What bike do you have in the garage? Whatever it is then that’s the one to do the Event on. More than one in your garage? Lucky you. Choose the one that suits your Rally Navigation. If you are doing Adventure Waypoints, then a cruiser or Sports bike may not be the one to take!

There may be unpaved sections leading to Adventure Waypoints, but even these are open to the public as ByWays or BOATs or minor roads.

As a team yes, but there is no point for individuals riding together on the same Event to the same waypoints as they will just have the same score as you.

You could be it would do you no good and get you a ticket. For the purposes of the Event the App tracks your distance traveled and is also able to log your speed against any limits on the roads you are traveling. Exceed the limits too much and penalties will be applied to your score.

It should be fine but different phones use their power differently. The App deploys power saving and management. However, if you are also using your phone for Rally Navigation, it is probably a clever idea to have your phone connected to a power supply or have a back-up power source available

There will be a set 'minimum' number of Waypoints that you must visit for your score to show on the league table. After that its up to you. You must finish your event attempt within the allowable time for that event. Make sure you allow enough time at each waypoint to check you are in the right location and chevk-in, even if that means you may have to park your bike and walk a very short distance to that waypoint. Also allow a little time to take in your surroundings and take a photo or two.

This also has a wealth of information. The Lat/Long can be read on a map or even copy and pasted to something like Google maps. There is the value of each waypoint. High values indicate the waypoint is a little harder to get to! Then there is a description of what you should be seeing once you are at the waypoint. What3Words is also supported. However all that information leads to the same place!

No. All you need to do is plan a route that gets you to the waypoints that gain you the most points in the most efficient way and complete that in the time allocated, If you are between waypoints and time is running out you can choose to 'End Event' on the home page. The App will then calcualte your score based on the waypoints you have visited and the distance you have travelled.

There are many ways of using the .gpx files. You can import them into various navigation apps or even Google maps. When opened the .gpx will show you the exact location and distribution of the Waypoints for your chosen even. Now you need to choose which of the many waypoints to visit and in which order. How you do that is up to you.

You should always try to finish on time. Overrun the timer and you will automatically be given penalty points. Basically one mile added per minute. Do not be late, it could undermine all your good work! Also take into account the time you will spend at each Waypoint checking in and build that into the overall time you are allowing yourself to ride your route and visit your choosen Waypoints.

First you need to be at the start point location. There are various ways that you can find this. The.gpx file has a waypoint called Start. Alternatively once you have set the current event on the App you can go to the home page in the App. There are a number of options on this page. Current Event will show a green Bar to start the event once you are at the correct location Current event will show the waypoint you are choosing to target, in this case the Start. If you havent already navigated there or are not 100% sure that you are at the correct location you can use the Navigate button. This will open the native navigation App on your device, and take you to that location. Once you at the that location you can return to the Current Event page and click on Start Event

Most of the waypoints are set so you can check in from the comfort of the bike. You feet will hardly need to touch the ground. However some may just need you park nearby and stretch you legs and will be a, very, short walk away.

Basically the harder a Waypoint is to reach or the more 'challenging' the navigation the higher the point value of that Waypoint.It may take you longer to ride to a high value waypoint so give yourself time. The roads will most likely be smaller, twistier and more of a challenge. Accept the challeenge and enjoy.

THis is deliberate. The waypoints are displayed in the list on the event randomly to encourage you to create your own distinct route and not be prompted by what you may think the app suggests

If you were at the top of the league table after several RallyMotorvelo events but suddenly find another team has overtaken you, then simply enter another Event and hopefully get a Event score that improves your average. Of course, it could work the other way too!

That can be a problem. However thats what the 'Navigate to' and the distance count down are designed for. Navigate to works well to get you to a Waypoint from a long way away. The countdown feature found at the top left of the Waypoint page tells you the distance to and direction you need to take.

When you have chosen which Waypoints you want to visit how and in what order is entirely up to you. Remember though you need to visit them as efficiently as possible. Its most certainly not a race. Your route needs to be both short and economical. Luckily, that also probably means the roads will be the most fun to ride.

They should all be able to be accomplished on an adventure bike with 60/40 tyres. However, conditions can vary and only you know your abilities. If the going gets too tough better to bail on that Adventure Waypoint and try to make up the points elsewhere